Justine Janssen -

“It’s an honour to help people find their true potential through yoga”


Having worked in a 9-5 conflict resolution role for years, I was burnt out, anxious and felt I had more to offer. I started out as a personal trainer and actually just stumbled across Power Yoga in a fitness magazine. Something about it really resonated with me - so much so that I enrolled in teacher training before I even took a class! I completed my training with Duncan Peak from Power Living, immersing myself in the practice and teaching anywhere I could. I was soon assisting on Power Living's retreats, enjoying yoga workshops, and more training with Baron Baptiste followed.  My love of the Yin Yoga style also blossomed, training with Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga.

During my very first class I remember feeling challenged on every level - physically, emotionally and mentally. And you know what? This hasn’t changed over the years. Whether through teaching, assisting or my own personal practice, I always find something there on the mat that challenges me and encourages me to grow. This is why I teach. Because I believe yoga reveals our truth. It makes us question what we can achieve and the limiting self beliefs we have, that prevent us from getting there. It’s through this that we discover our own potential and it’s an honour to help people through that process with compassion  seeing them connect to the joy and strength within.

The Upside interview with Justine (Click here)

Marcus Janssen (MJ) - 


“I always bring a a sense of fun, humour and power to my classes.”

Working in the corporate world, dealing with stress and high pressure workloads had left me feeling depleted, disconnected and battling with a weight issue. But after experiencing yoga for the first time at Power Living and immediately realising the benefits it could bring to my life I was hooked! Yoga has allowed me to find my perspective while strengthening, shedding kilos (52 of them!!) and opening my body in a way that felt so natural. From this space my partner Justine and I  developed our love of teaching under the guidance of Duncan Peak – Power Living, and the internationally renowned Baron Baptiste. I teach from the heart and always bring a a sense of fun, humour and power to my classes. 

MJ’s Radio interview with Jolene Laverty on ABC 666 8/10/2015

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Shirley Campbell -

"Yoga has taught me that every day is an opportunity to becoming present."

I began my journey into yoga in 1998 when I trained to be a BodyBalance instructor with LesMills. This is a program that is predominantly yoga based, so it was a natural progression for me to then train as a yoga teacher in 2007. I had intended to travel to the USA to train under Baron Baptiste but Duncan Peak, of Power Living, brought Power Vinyasa Yoga to Australia. The training experience with Power Living was life changing. I have since gone on to complete Levels One, Two and Three Power Yoga training with Duncan and Level One training with Baron Baptiste. I am also about to train in Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers. In addition, I am currently a senior National Trainer and Presenter in BodyBalance.

Yoga has taught me that every day is an opportunity to becoming present. There are so many lessons to be learned through the study and practice of yoga and it continually provides me with insights for a more satisfying and peaceful life.

Matt Lee -


“I want to help people realise the amazing power inside them"

I attended my first Power Yoga class very reluctantly- little did I know the next 60 minutes would change my life forever! I’ve practiced Martial Arts and had a keen interest in eastern philosophy and spirituality for most of my adult life so Power Yoga is the perfect home for my physical and spiritual practice. It has definitely brought me back to my spirituality and it’s this that made me very quickly develop a strong desire to teach.
Undertaking Teacher Training with Duncan Peak and the Power Living team in Manly, Australia, took me on a powerful journey that has transformed my life. My hope is that I can share that experience by living the example of how we each have an amazing power within us, and when that power is shared with others it can have a huge effect on the world around us.
I have always been passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with people and, through my teaching, I want to share my experience of how the practice of yoga can integrate and have a powerful benefit on the modern, busy, lifestyle most of us live in today.

Tanya Greeves -

"My passion for teaching yoga comes from a deep desire to serve others"

I initially turned to yoga as a way of avoiding injury from the sports I was pursuing – rock climbing, long distance running and cycling.  While I still enjoy these activities, yoga is no longer simply a means to an end for me. It facilitates a more joyous and balanced way of life. 

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years and teaching for three years. I strive to live with integrity and connect with others, and it was this that led me from a six-year career as a corporate lawyer to becoming a teacher with the Teach for Australia program to confront educational disadvantage in Australia.  I finds the rewards of empowering young people to recognize and achieve their potential energizing and deeply satisfying. My passion for teaching yoga comes from this deep desire to serve others and pass on the benefits that I have received from my own yoga practice. 

Alex Vann -


"Yoga is more than just a series of movements; it’s a way of life."

I initially went to a yoga practice because I was looking for a low impact workout after an Achilles injury from too much running; coupled with many years of pushing my body through classical dance. 

Coincidentally, I was also having one of the worst years of my life. My sister passed away after a long battle with mental illness and my marriage ended, just to name a few things that happened in that year.

So I turned up to a yoga practice and put my body through some movements, and then I turned up again and again.  At some point, it stopped being just about the movements. I started to notice the things I was telling myself in my head. Then I got out of my head and started to feel my body; my breath. All the things I started to learn on my mat began to make their way into my life.

This is the gift I want to share with other people.

In early 2014, I began my teacher training with Power Living so that I could do just that. I started teaching in the same year; to friends, family, a community class and eventually at PYC.

It is my passion to share yoga with everyone and anyone.

Sarah Blumenthal -

Sarah“Yoga is the ultimate sanity and wellness provider" 

I had always had an interest in yoga but it wasn’t until 2006 that it started to get serious. I was struggling with depression and anxiety, but yoga took me by the hand and brought me back to life. Yoga became a lifelong ally in my health and wellness journey. 

After completing my first teacher training with Power Yoga legend Baron Baptiste, I went on to train with John Ogilvie in the Purna yoga method. I have also studied applied anatomy with Simon Borg-Oliver through RMIT, graduating with a Masters in Wellness (Hons.) that has not only broadened my understanding of the wellness field but deepened my appreciation of yoga as the ultimate sanity and wellness provider. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and continue to pursue ongoing education in yoga and wellness. 

My classes are smooth and flowing, drawing from my diverse yoga background with a focus on moving with the breath. My wish as a teacher is to help people realise their own inner power. I want to pass on the tools that have offered me sanctuary in the hope they may also be of help to others.

Karen Burgan-


"I love to encourage anyone who thinks they can't do yoga to give it a go."

I have been active in fitness for most of my life, including volunteer coaching in triathlon and cycling and group fitness for over 15 years.  I initially took up yoga to compliment my training and as an aid to the natural aging process, but also found the unexpected benefits of an instant soothing of the physical body, calmness of the mind and a better insight into life. While still wanting to share the benefits of fitness with others, and also be kind to my own maturing body, I trained to become a BodyBalance instructor with the inspiring Shirley Campbell.

I continued to be drawn to the practice of yoga and the wonderful journey it took me on, giving me strength and insight I hadn’t experienced before.Wanting  to share the amazing benefits I’d experienced with my community, I decided to teach, undertaking training with Trinity Yoga in Vinyasa Flow. I have recently found another amazing dimension to my yoga experience and am about to train in Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers.

I love to encourage anyone who thinks they can't do yoga, especially the more mature folk and those who have pushed themselves to their limits in other physical activities, to give it a go. I want to show you how the experience of yoga will help them develop the strength, courage and insight to face the challenges of everyday life.

Alana Brass-


“I believe that yoga is valuable to people of all ages”


As a practicing physiotherapist, I initially began yoga for rehabilitative purposes to build strength. But, like many, I soon discovered much more to the physical practice. I have a very hands-on nature, so yoga allows me to deepen my connection with the community by assisting classes and enhancing other’s experience of yoga, helping them to discover their full potential on the mat. I’m also a trained children's yoga instructor and believe that yoga is valuable to individuals of all ages and should be fun.


I really enjoy the process that is yoga, and take great pleasure in those moments where the practice of yoga transfers off the mat and into my everyday life. From practicing to teaching yoga, I have come to appreciate that yoga is an experience that should be shared.

Nora Abadia Perez-


"I believe that yoga is a gift that came to me and I want to share it with the world”

I was introduced to yoga by a friend in 2000 and fell in love with it straight away. It was an absolutely life changing experience for me and completely changed my perspective on life.

Through yoga I have been able to connect with my true self and feel strong and balanced and capable of making the right decisions at the right time.

I always remember the quote “when you light another candle your flame is just as bright” and I believe that yoga is a gift that came to me and I want to share that with the world. So, in 2009, I qualified as a power/vinyasa yoga teacher under the instruction of Fred Busch in Miami, Florida. 

"I believe that we all should follow our passion and I have been blessed to find mine and to be part of this amazing yoga community"

Nicole Bain-


“I would love to help my students find a place for yoga in their own lives"

I was first drawn to yoga about eight years ago when - and this may be embarrassing to admit publicly! - I was admiring Madonna’s physical strength during an interview about her own practice. I was initially obsessed with the physicality of the postures and it came as a big surprise just how challenging they were.  Coming from a lifetime of participating in various sports at all levels, I felt I really needed to 'master' my physical yoga practice. Looking back now, I realise that I just did not get the totality of what yoga could give to me. 

It wasn't until I started to really listen to my teachers’ encouragement to explore the concepts of expectation, non-attachment, being present and honesty within the context of my practice and my own life.  This was when I really started to get a sense that yoga would be a permanent part of my life.

I have a genuine feeling of excitement and gratitude when I'm teaching knowing that I'm helping my students to find a place for yoga in their own lives. 

I've completed several teacher trainings to date, and very soon I'll be heading off with some of the other wonderful instructors to complete Yin Yoga Teacher Training.  

Muriel Mace-


“Nothing compares to the freedom and fun of yoga!”

I started yoga in Paris while I was studying to become a dietitian. When I came to Australia I began to practice yoga every day and this was the start of my amazing teaching journey. My love for my practice, the space that I can create on my mat, the concentration, the freedom and fun that I have - nothing compares to it! And this is what I want to share with the people who come to my classes. So come along and try it. You won’t regret it.

Judith Davis Lee -


"Coming back to yoga after a 37 year break was like coming home."

I first studied yoga as a sport elective at school in the early 1970s and then, after a 37 year break, fell back in to it in 2010. It was like coming home and I very quickly became a committed practitioner.  After practicing four times a week for 18 months it was a  a natural progression for me to train as a teacher in April 2012. I then undertook further training in Vinyasa Flow with Yoga Trinity in January 2013. For me, yoga is about self discovery and exploring and extending personal capability.

Mel Collings-

Mel - Seattle

"I want to share the balance and energy yoga brings”

I absolutely love practicing and teaching yoga. I am originally from New Zealand, completed my yoga teacher training in Canada and call Australia home, although I still love to travel. I’m passionate about environmental issues and really enjoy being outside whenever I can.

When I’m not teaching yoga I work as a pre-school teacher and also keep pretty busy in my newest role as a Mum! I’m always grateful for the balance yoga brings to my life and it’s my hope that, through my classes, my students experience this for themselves.

Peter Eland -

Profile Picture 1

I’m deeply committed to the practice of yoga and the community of students in Canberra"

I’ve been practicing yoga for over ten years and teaching since 2010. My yoga practice started out in gyms as a way of stretching-out between cardio and strength-building activities. I quickly felt the physical benefits of yoga - increasing strength, flexibility, coordination and balance - and over time realised there was much more to the practice. I’ve experienced many different yoga styles and teachers, at many studios in other cities both in Australia and overseas, and through this have realised the true benefit of yoga – mental strength and focus, calmness and relaxation, stress reduction, and body awareness. I’m committed to bringing yoga to the Canberra community. My classes will leave you feeling strong, balanced and open to deep growth and release.

Kathy Shaw-

“A motorbike, some wet tram tracks, a slide along St Kilda Road and a subsequent knee operation – not the ideal start to my yoga journey!    

But when a physio suggested that it could potentially help my knee and possibly prevent early onset arthritis, I nervously arrived at my local yoga studio and took my first class. Although it was predominantly a Bikram studio, they also offered Ashtanga, Hatha and Power Vinyasa classes and before long, I found myself drawn to the freedom and challenge that these classes gave me. That was almost 15 years ago and even though there have been times when my practice has lapsed, I have kept coming back to my mat, needing the stability, the serenity and the surrender that my practice gives me, not just physically but emotionally. Through illness and injury, grief and joy, that connection to something greater has transformed my life in ways I never thought possible. I undertook teacher training with Power Living Australia in Perth, graduating in November 2014, unsure if I wanted to teach or if I would just use that experience to deepen and expand my own practice. But once I stood in front of my first class, I felt such an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. I can only hope that I pass on just a little tiny spark of inspiration and insight to those I’m fortunate enough to teach.    

Ali O'Neill-  

Ali was initially drawn to yoga for the physical practice however quickly realised there was so much more than the asana. After 9 years in the corporate world as a publicist, Ali was searching for more purpose and fell in love with the philosophy and how yoga nurtured her mentally, physically and spiritually.  A passionate and dedicated teacher, Ali gives her all to her students. She feels honoured and blessed to impart the knowledge learned from her teachers and mentors and share it in an authentic way. Ali is committed to assisting you on your journey to be there best version of yourself, by serving to spread the importance of mindfulness through power yoga. Exploring, relaxing, encouraging hard work, dedication and patience, students will learn to be present on and off the mat for a more intuitive and healthy lifestyle.

Teaching Power and Focus, her calming presence in the PYC classroom will leave you feeling informed, empowered and rejuvenated. 

Esther Cleaver- 


"Yoga is healing for me." 

I started practicing with PYC in 2010. At that time I was pretty new to yoga, having only done it a few times here and there. I was initially doing a lot of Power Yoga but during 2013 lent more heavily towards the more nurturing, compassionate Yin practice which I find wonderfully balancing for my head and calming for my body. Yoga is healing for me both physically and emotionally, and it certainly played a part of my journey out of depression.

I work in the background at PYC, namely rostering, developing the class schedule and responding to enquiries coming through the website. I love this role because it keeps me connected to yoga, while being flexible in nature and allowing me to work in a way that suits my family. I have two sons and two step daughters and, like most of us, am busy most of the time! My new years resolution is to bring more fun back into my life and I know yoga will have an important role in finding that balance. 

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